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Brand Story

Mission & Philosophy

From our humble beginning as Derma-Aesthetics in 2001, the same team gave the brand a major facelift three years later and presents you with Erabelle, representing the new era for modern Asian women. Erabelle was instituted with a vision to create a fuss-free beauty journey for each and every woman, while inspiring her to enjoy the finest in life, to pursue sophisticated beauty and to portray her confidence from within. Our philosophy, Beauty In An Instant, seeks to instil in her the idea of putting her best face forward anytime, anywhere.

Our Philosophy: Beauty in an Instant
Classic, timeless and elegant – that is how Erabelle defines beauty. With commitments jostling for a modern woman’s time and attention, it is difficult to add personal care to that equation. Hence, we advocate for ‘Beauty In An Instant’ with solutions to simplify beauty routines, rendering her the ability to put her best face forward anytime, anywhere with minimal time and effort.
Our Mission: To Adopt the 'Kaizen' Spirit for Excellence
Erabelle aspires to provide an unique spa and beauty experience that will transport guests to a luxurious Japanese-inspired sanctuary of personal attention that provides innovative, holistic beauty solutions. As such, we constantly seek to reinvent ourselves. From our product offerings and treatment efficacies to intricate aspects such as the interior of its boutiques and service standards, Erabelle is poised to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern Asian women.
Our Core Values: Demonstrate Professionalism and Service from the Heart
With the Japanese service culture as benchmark, Erabelle is committed to emulating their professional, meticulous and sincere service dispositions on top of a professional proficiency as a beauty provider. We believe in serving guests in a manner that evokes an ambience of sincerity and trust which can be felt with our service from the heart.