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Cosmetic Artistry


Smile with perfectly-coloured and natural-looking lips

Healthy-looking lips restore your natural glow
Rosy lips add a dash of colour that brightens up the entire face. Your skin tone, age and personal preference all come into play when custom-blending the ideal lip colour. Correct uneven lip colour, lips that are too pale or too dark with Eralip. With naturally-flushed lips that give your face a healthy and radiant aura, you have every reason to light up the world with your smile.

Erabelle practises a semi-permanent technique using layers of mineral and organic micro-pigments for our Cosmetic Artistry. Unlike tattooing, the effect is not 'hard-looking'. Our in-house Soft Shading technique, together with certified-safe colours, creates the look of filled-in lips to give you a polished and confident look.

20min | SGD29
Enhance your lips with a colour that truly suits you. According to your skin tone, age and preference, colours will be custom-blended to provide you with the most suitable shade of pink!
90min | 4 sessions | SGD1712
A unique semi-permanent cosmetic artistry service that enhances your lips by adding colour and redefining the shape, giving you healthy-looking and naturally pink lips.

  • Eralip Design
  • Semi-permanent Colouring Services
  • Aftercare Creams & Lip Balms

The Cosmetic Artistry Experience

Rest comfortably on our plush chairs while our skilled artists work their magic with skilled hands and careful strokes, to ensure that the whole process is as fuss-free and as painless as possible. The cosy interiors and relaxing ambience of the room will also put you at instant ease.

As your safety is of utmost importance to us, all colours exceed the safety standards of the European Cosmetic Directive and/or compliant with German rules for permanent makeup and tattoo. A questionnaire and a patch test will be conducted to test for possible allergies to the colour pigment before each cosmetic artistry procedure is carried out. Only when it is determined to be safe, our artists will proceed with the procedure. The strict sterilization standards complete our rigorous and comprehensive safety procedures.