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Cosmetic Artistry


"I love the way Erabrowlogy has helped to define my eyebrows, which are thick but messy and sparse! Being constantly on the move, I needed an instant solution to looking fresh all the time. Erabrowlogy is that solution - it has given my brows a beautiful shape that complements my face and enhances my features! The best part is that the results of Erabrowlogy look completely natural! Couldn't be happier with my "brand-new" brows!"

Yina Goh

Online Store Owner cum Blogger

"I wasn't sure I should try Erabelle's Erabrowlogy treatment at first. I was so worried that i'd get brows that would make me look much older than my age. Boy, was I wrong! I love how naturally perfect my brows look after only one session!"

Becks Koh

Fashion Blogger

"I'm really glad that I tried Erabelle's Erabrowlogy treatment. By simply following the eyebrow shape specially designed for me by the artist, I get perfectly balanced eyebrows every morning. Trimming has become so much easier. It saves me a lot of time too!"

Irene Octoviani Tan

Lifestyle Blogger

"It has always been a problem drawing the perfect brows. Sometimes it is too dark, sometimes the shape goes wrong. After my first eyeliner embroidery treatment with Erabelle, I fell in love and am extremely happy with my new brows which look so soft and natural! They frame my face perfectly and enhances my overall look. Most importantly, the short down-time and very minimal scabbing was a bonus for me! If you are contemplating, I say go for it!"

Tricia Ong

Boutique owner cum blogger

"With fine hair and sparse eyebrows, previous eyebrow embroidery treatments used to leave me with eyebrows that looked too dark, thin or uneven. But since I discovered Erabrowlogy, I've gained fuller, natural looking eyebrows that perfectly complement my face shape, and give me a more pleasant appearance. It also saves me the time and hassle of drawing my eyebrows every day!"

Irene Santoso

Lifestyle Blogger

Looking my best for shoots and events is always important But my spare and uneven eyebrows made it necessary to spend time drawing them everyday. Thanks to Erabrowlogy, my eyebrows look full and even more natural than before! They also elegantly frame my features and keep me looking fresh all day. Looking good is now so much easier!

Melissa Celestine Koh

Model cum Blogger