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Face & Body

Body Beauty

90min | SGD160.50
Indulge in this exclusive body beautiful treatment. An exquisite blend of premium Genmai exfoliant, warm milk and ampoule (moisturising or firming) is specially customised and prepared by hand. The blend packs a punch of goodness to defend against wrinkles, heal blemishes, deep-cleanse pores and regulate oil secretion while smoothing and moisturising skin. This is coupled with the skilled massage techniques that soothe your tight muscle tensions while rejuvenating your soul. Achieve the legendary radiant and baby-smooth skin of the Japanese beauties.
*for members only*
60min | SGD160.50
90min | SGD214
Engaging the natural healing properties of pure essential oils, this sublime massage uses a series of slow and sure strokes to release muscle tensions and ease the pain of the nerves. Soothing and calming, it is the ideal massage to rebalance your body and soul.

*Choose from "Gentle & Relaxing" or "Medium & Firm" pressure.
*for members only*
45min | SGD96.30
Green Tea is an age-old healing ingredient that has been used for centuries for its medicinal and anti-inflammatory healing properties. Today, it continues to be used to prevent photo damage and improve the skin's elasticity, as well as repair and strengthen the skin.
30min | SGD556.40
Employing multipolar radio frequency, vacuum and LED technologies, this treatment will be thoughtfully tailored to help you renew your youth. Regain that svelte figure of yours in a fuss-free manner. Let the high frequency electric currents work its magic to boost your blood circulation and break down fatty deposits, while the maneuvers of the hand piece stimulate the production of quality collagen and elastin to shape up your body. Watch your stubborn cellulite diminish too!
60min | SGD513.60
No more breaking a sweat to fight against fats and cellulite. With the Cryo, vacuum and LED technologies, freeze your targeted fats and then leave it in the hands of your natural metabolism to eliminate these fatty deposits. Reshape your body contours with such ease!